Jenifa Mayanja


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Jenifa Mayanja-Co-founder Sound Warrior. DJ for over 20 years, producer/vocalist and also owner of Bumako recordings. :Read more Jenifa Mayanja

Dakini 9

Dakini 9 Co-Founder of Sound Warrior Records. Dj for over 20 years and also co-owner of Plan B recordings.  Read more Dakini9


Pursuit Grooves

Pursuit Grooves pic
Pursuit Grooves-Producer/DJ/Vocalist..Appears on SW 003.. More about here on her site Read more Pursuit Grooves

Daniela La Luz

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Daniela La Luz appears on SW 004.. A producer/dj and label owner of Parrallel based in Berlin.  Check out more about her here.Read more Daniela La Luz

Jay Mond

jay mond
Jay Mond appears on SW 003. She is an up and coming producer and more recently started djing with gigs at clubs like Tresor.


Lilith appears on SW 003 and the upcoming SW 005. A techno producer and live performer based in LA.She has been producing for about 5 years and her style is described as deep dubby house/techno. Read more here:Lilith


Aurora Halal

Aurora Halal appears on SW 005 is a NYC based Musician, event producer and visual artist. She has also helmed two successful events “Mutual Dreaming” and “Sustain-Release”   Read more Aurora Halal

Lady Fingers

Lady Fingers
Lady Fingers has spent over 15 years in music studios and clubs producing and spinning music across the US.  Read more Lady Fingers



Cherushi live
Cherushii is Chelsea Faith an  electronic musician based in San Fransisco California. She has been working as a live performer/producer and DJ for over a decade. Read more Cherushii


Lenka Slovakian born predominantly visual artist Avalele appears on the upcoming SW 005. She describes her style as raw,experimental techno. Currently based in London, she also spins records and started her own label “white spiral records”.



Corina MacDonald aka CMD is a Montreal based live musician and dj appearing on SW 005. She melds various influences from the experimental end of the electronic music spectrum together with danceable beats. CMD has also performed in several key Montreal events including the 2015 edition of “Mutek”. Read more CMD