March 2018

Sound Warrior is back! though in truth we never left but as life marches on sometimes making it hard to keep up.

SW 006 “Warrior Formulation is here, and our first collaboration with another female collective “Mint Berlin”.

The vinyl release date is April 16th and the digital release date is April 20th

You can preorder vinyl here

Preorder vinyl @ Juno Records

preorder digital on our bandcamp here

As always we cannot do this without you! Thank you for supporting Sound Warrior and our mission




July 2017

Are you a warrior!

who are we and why are doing a label releasing music exclusively by women?

You can read all about us in our about page.

There is also an thoughtful piece i did for Chicago 5magazine talking about the journey that created the need for a label like Sound Warrior and its importance. Read about us here:

Get to know Sound Warrior



Sound Warrior thanks you for continuing to support mission for equality for women in the electronic music business.

Sound Warrior 005 2×12 vinyl is out now and the digital..Please check the release page on how to own it.