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Record Label founded by Jenifa Mayanja and Dakini 9 supporting the productions of women

Sound Warrior News May 2017

Happy spring,

its about that time..Sound Warrior 005 “Warrior Loves” is coming to a store near you..The release is distributed exclusively by Juno Records and available at all fine vinyl retailers worldwide.

We offer the digital version of the release exclusively only on our Sound warrior bandcamp page.

You can preorder now if you wish and thank for supporting us.

Sound Warrior News 2017

Happy new year,

Its a new start though not quite a fresh one for Sound Warrior as we have been watching and curating over our seeds of goodness. Finally we can see the fruits of our labors and you can too. After our crowd funding campaign, for Sound Warrior 005, we knew in order for our platform to continue growing, we had to reach out in search of more resources that would enable us to keep spotlighting the musical accomplishments of women producers in the house/ techno genre and its off shoots.

Our Sound warrior 005 double vinyl album aptly titled “Warrior Loves” is finally at the pressing plant and we hope you have it in your hands in time for an early spring.

Sometimes in the midst of life, we are in death and sadly it was the case as one of the most talented wonderful producers we had the pleasure to add our Sound Warrior label “Cherushii” was cruelly taken away from this realm in the warehouse fire in Oakland. Our Sound Warrior 005 album also is now dedicated to her memory and to furthering the breakthrough of her talent to the rest of the world.

We also felt that we wanted to do something more to honor Cherushii and also help her loved ones left behind. Sound Warriors sought the help of the community in particular other female producers to contribute a track to help raise monies for Chelseas’s family.

To support this cause just buy any track from the compilation and all monies will go to Chelsea Faith’s family.

We thank you for your continued support of Sound Warrrior’s mission of creating a platform for female producers to further their visibility. Keep buying the music and spreading the word.


Sound Warriors

Jen & Lola

We love you Chelsea Faith


cherushii live


2016 has been such a year of loss and i am sure there is spiritual reason for this but right now

I am having trouble understanding and accepting why!

Myself like many others have been wishing and hoping for a miracle that our sister in music Cherushii-Chelsea Faith was still with us in this realm. Sadly she has been taken from us so cruelly and i know life isn’t fair but this is really not fair. Let me share with you what could have been. Lola my partner in our Sound Warrior label/collective was the one to bring me to the attention of Cherushii’s music. When i heard it i shook my head and said, this is why we started

Sound Warrior Records because this industry just doesn’t care, doesn’t want to acknowledge the incredible amount of talent from women. Cherushii was so humbled and excited that we were so enthusiastic about releasing her on Sound Warrior. I just kept telling her, it’s really us who should be so humbled by your talent and i hope we can do our part to propel your career because you are just too dope to stay under the radar. We were of course not the only ones to see her incredible talent but it is a good feeling to be part of the journey of an artist that you feel deserves attention.

When i was starting djing in the early 90s, another woman who organized parties looked at my contract i was using at the time and asked me to make some adjustments and one of the things she asked me to adjust was i add to my contract that any venue i played at was legal, licensed venue. In the context of the early 90s with the rave warehouse culture this made complete sense because you never knew what you were walking into. It is the year 2016 and we are still looking for safe spaces? I know “Safe spaces” means many things to many people and i acknowledge that as well. If you are trans, gay, person of color, woman, poor, damm i guess at one point or another we could all be considered on the fringe of society then safe spaces have additional meaning and are even more critical to create.

We are pushed to the edge not by choice because there is no space unless you have money which means unlimited resources to do what you like, when you like.

It is unacceptable to me that this is one more thing to think about when you walk into a venue to do what you love to worry if this is a safe place for you, are the exits marked, this is bullshit!

Can we find a way to not make this a thing anymore, let the safe space be truly a safe space, not only spiritually, mentally but physically as well.

Chelsea your talent is irreplaceable and this music is all we have left of you to offer the world so from us Sound Warriors to you we love you honey and your spirit lives here forever.

With love Sound Warrior


Please listen here to Cherushii’s music the first two tracks

We’re still here


Hello out there, happy has been a long time but have no fear, we’re still here.
it seems like things slowed down but actually they got more exciting..
First if you have been paying attention, you will see that our goal amount changed! thats because the monies we needed to produce an event to promote the release are not needed any more. We have some dope sound warrior dj appearances coming up and this is cause for excitement around here. If you want to also jump on the Sound Warriors dj wagon, send us an email at to book us.
However we still need that bread to make this album happen. I am optimistic we can reach this goal. some of you told me it was difficult to donate because of banking issues, so if you want to send us paypal, send as a gift will give you a shout out on the fundraising page and you will still be eligible for the donation gifts.
So we got out our Lady Fingers mix still up on mixcloud:
Next up live sets from Cherushii a fly producer from the West Coast.
Did we say thank you enough? well thank you
The sound warriors

Haven’t you heard


February 26th 2016

Happy Friday!!!

work week ends for some and play time begins for others.. work you are passionate about, seems to be a fabric of everything you do which means sometimes it feels as if it never ends! but as someone said, it’s not work when doing something you are passionate about!

So our crowdfunding campaign continues.. If you don’t know about it, get informed at If you have contributed monetarily or through sharing with your friends, we thank you! If you haven’t contributed, we hope you consider doing so if you can.

So i promised some blazing mixes and interviews to be debuted on the site, and i am delivering.. Starting things off with one of our newest warriors “Lady Fingers.” You can read more about her on her facebook page.

Please go to our Read.Play tab and listen to her mix and read an interview i did with her.

Thank you as always for the love and support..



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