Hello out there, happy Monday..it has been a long time but have no fear, we’re still here.
it seems like things slowed down but actually they got more exciting..
First if you have been paying attention, you will see that our goal amount changed! thats because the monies we needed to produce an event to promote the release are not needed any more. We have some dope sound warrior dj appearances coming up and this is cause for excitement around here. If you want to also jump on the Sound Warriors dj wagon, send us an email at soundwarriors@gmail.com to book us.
However we still need that bread to make this album happen. I am optimistic we can reach this goal. some of you told me it was difficult to donate because of banking issues, so if you want to send us paypal, send as a gift to:soundwarriors@gmail.com..We will give you a shout out on the fundraising page and you will still be eligible for the donation gifts.
So we got out our Lady Fingers mix still up on mixcloud:https://www.mixcloud.com/soundwarriorrecords/lady-fingers-exclusive-mix-for-sound-warrior-records/
Next up live sets from Cherushii a fly producer from the West Coast.
Did we say thank you enough? well thank you
The sound warriors