February 26th 2016

Happy Friday!!!

work week ends for some and play time begins for others.. work you are passionate about, seems to be a fabric of everything you do which means sometimes it feels as if it never ends! but as someone said, it’s not work when doing something you are passionate about!

So our crowdfunding campaign continues.. If you don’t know about it, get informed at www.gofundme.com/soundwarrior. If you have contributed monetarily or through sharing with your friends, we thank you! If you haven’t contributed, we hope you consider doing so if you can.

So i promised some blazing mixes and interviews to be debuted on the site, and i am delivering.. Starting things off with one of our newest warriors “Lady Fingers.” You can read more about her on her facebook page.


Please go to our Read.Play tab and listen to her mix and read an interview i did with her.

Thank you as always for the love and support..