Sound Warrior Recordings is a production and DJ collective formed by DJ/Producers Jenifa Mayanja, owner of Bu-Mako Recordings/EDJ Records, and Lola aka Dakini9, co-owner of Plan B Recordings. Both are seasoned veterans in the music industry with over 25 years of collective experience.

Sound Warrior is an engine fueled by a desire to bring much needed exposure to women who are under-rated or un-known producers as well as showcasing already established artists/producers. While the concept is not new itself, its uniqueness is that the genre focus is specifically on house and its sub-divisions, deep, minimal, dark, tribal, and raw soul.

The Sound Warrior sound is tribal, ritualistic and full of primal energy purposefully designed to stir emotion inside and a sensory revolution when the groove hits you on the dancefloor. While each release will feature an original Sound Warrior piece from Ms. Mayanja and Dakini9, a guest producer will make their debut on each Sound Warrior release

Sound Warrior’s first limited edition vinyl release featuring Jenifa and Lola completely sold out and garnered lots of fans for this new venture. Subsequent releases have featured Pursuit Grooves who has been featured on Rush Hour, Tectonic and DeepBlack. Upcoming producers include Daniela La Luz, Lilith, Cherushii, Whim-ee, Aurora Halal and many more.

Beyond finding women producers to highlight, Sound Warrior also intends to become a virtual community for women electronic music makers. We would like to create a space where women can network, meet each other, talk shop, and create new musical or business partnerships. It has been our experience that due to the lack of female representation in the electronic music scene, networking, getting business knowledge, or simply meeting other musicians can be challenging. We intend to address this need with a virtual, online community, then build out into the real world with Sound Warrior coming to represent a sound and ethos of production that can then be brought to festival stages, DJ lineups, and producer/musician round tables. In short, we would like to become a resource for women electronic musicians and producers.

Our aim at Sound Warrior is to create a space for women in electronic music. For more information, please contact us at For our music, please visit our Souncloud page ( or our Bandcamp page ( and please follow us on Twitter (@SoundWarriors) and like our Facebook page (